Friday, November 25, 2011


I got owned by Jymmi Briggs Jnr. Yes I did! Not the first time, not the last!  Congratulations Jymmi and thank you for supporting the competition and getting your 'fishy avatar' liked by the most people.  'Owned' had close to 150 people 'like' nominations and as a result I will be using this picture as my own on PokerStars.  Jymmi receives an entry into the Sunday Million!

We had many great entries in the 'Fishy Avatar' competition and The 'Quads or Better' promotion was also well supported.  We had 60 entries from all over the World and each verified entry will have a piece of me this Monday!  I'd like to thank all involved for making this an enjoyable experience.   I will try my best this Monday to win big for you all.  Get on the rail and help me bring it home.

Recent form is good.  I had a few wins this week on PokerStars.  I won the $25 hyper turbo and two $109 turbo's and final tabled a few others including the $75 turbo.  I profited about 10k before any bonuses.  I guess I am running well and my turbo game is pretty decent from playing thousands of SNG's.  I have a couple of smaller goals that I want to achieve to motivate me in terms of volume before the year is over.

I am close to 200k VPP and this month I cranked out 20,100 VPP so I think it is achievable to hit 200k VPP (double SuperNova) by the end of December .  It isn't the main goal but still a motivator to grind and pick up a 2.6k bonus.  Also I am sitting on 210k FPP's I have saved, so I just want to get to 250k to pick up the 4k bonus as well.  With the multiplier I should reach that that amount of FPP's easily, but the VPP challenge will be the tougher goal of the two as I am sitting on 175k VPP with one week left in November.

Going into 2012 I am looking forward to the Aussie Millions.  It seems like an eternity since the start of this year.  For me it has been a year of non-stop travel and excitement.  I remember last December and the week or two before the Aussie Millions as being a real grind.  I was trying to reach SuperNova and did so on the eve of the 31st (then had drinks with my mates).  Early January was reasonably tough too.  I was going down to Melbourne and putting in hours trying to improve and get better.

I wish everyone the best in the coming weeks and I hope it is a time of personal growth and good times with family and friends.  I'd like to thank my family for supporting me and my friends for always being there.  I am at a good point in my life and hope you can fulfil your goals, dreams and aspirations going into the New Year.

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