Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pre Aussie Millions

I woke up Monday morning feeling pretty good as I spent a whole week waking up at 6pm and gradually woke at 11pm.  I am fairly tired right now I have accumulated 28k VPP so far this year.  My MTT's have been finishing pretty late and I have been throwing in a ton of SNG's.  I don't feel like I played my A Game today but with a good nights sleep I think I can do well tomorrow.

I am heading down to Melbourne for the Aussie Millions soon.  I'm playing the 6 max, so I can play a few hands.  Full ring live poker can be a sleepy affair.  The main is a huge event.  I played last year and had KK beat by 9-10 spades on a 9 high board with two lower spades on the flop we got in on the flop and he rivered 2 pair before the day 1 break.  My dream was over...until now, I am back stronger and better than ever.

I will be fully focussed and ready for anything.  Donks and pro's, I am sure there will be some super strange plays.  I watched a ton of last years televised cash games and the 250k.  Even Phil Ivey has 20-30bb tourney leaks.  I guess he is just so used to playing deeper or planned to check raise some flops with the 9-3 off he defends.

I am pretty comfortable live and in some ways miss it, but I love being home and grinding when I feel good and well rested and feed etc.  I will set some goals to focus on in game and try to keep consistent with my pre-betting routine.

Crown Poker, Pale Ale, Jeep...ship it all to On The Mac.

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